Model: Pirate Schooner
Crew: Turnbuckle (Presumed Helmsman), Average
Fate: Sank while trying to steal the RLS Providence.

Warrior is a Pirate Schooner that attempted to tow the RLS Providence to an unknown location while the Royal Navy was conducting exercises outside Clarke's Nebula. The Graduation Fleet was directed to intercept the Warrior, and managed to apprehend her crew. Warrior is notable for being the first Pirate Vessel encountered in Battle at Procyon's Campaign.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 1Edit

Warrior had managed to capture the Royal Navy Tender, RLS Providence and began towing it to an unknown location. Whilst this was happening, the Royal Navy Admiral, Amelia was conducting training exercises involving firing live ammunition at asteroids, Admiral Amelia received a message informing her that the Tender, RLS Providence was being stolen by the Pirate Schooner, Warrior, and that the training fleet was the only fleet close enough to stop Warrior from stealing the RLS Providence. The training fleet searched for the Warrior, eventually Ensign Hawkins' Torpedo Boat, RLS Comet found the Warrior and sank it. The Warrior's surviving crew, including Turnbuckle, tried to escape in lifeboats but were quickly arrested.