Wailing Wind
Model: Dreadnought
Crew: Evar
Fate: Exploded after being rammed by Argentum.

Wailing Wind is a Dreadnought serving as the Procyon Flagship during the Battle at Parliament. The Wailing Wind is commandeered by Admiral Evar.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 12Edit

Wailing Wind acted as the Procyon command ship during the battle at the Terran Parliament, where it initially fought against the combined fleets John Silver of and Admiral Amelia when they tried to hold off the Ironclads, so that Jim Hawkins' fleet could move to the Parliament to defend it. After most of the Procyon fleet was destroyed, the Wailing Wind, accompanied by the Cruiser, Hunter, approached Jim Hawkins' ship, the RLS Victory, by this point both Silver's and Amelia's fleets was almost completely destroyed, including Amelia's own ship, the RLS Lyonesse. Hawkins ordered the remaining Procyons to surrender, but Evar, despite realising that the Procyons had lost the battle, launched a last-ditch attack against the RLS Victory in an attempt to kill Jim Hawkins by ramming the RLS Victory. However before the Wailing Wind could ram the RLS Victory, a heavily damaged Argentum rammed into the Wailing Wind, presumably hitting its ammunition reserve or fuel tank, as the Wailing Wind exploded, destroying both it and the Argentum in the process.


  • Wailing Wind is shown to be Evar's command ship at the end of Mission 12, however earlier on in the mission, during the opening cutscene, the camera angle implies he is on the PSR Stalker, and later, John Silver implies that he is on the PSR Diplomacy.
  • During the ending cutscene, Wailing Wind's front side appears to be equipped with 3 duel Heavy Lancer battery turrets, instead of 1 Heavy Lancer turret, with 2 Heavy Plasma Cannon turrets as its front side is equipped with in game.