The Unofficial Timeline is a timeline that is not officially claimed or confirmed to the Treasure Planet Universe, but may be possible that the time periods shown on the list may or mostly be true according to the information mostly gathered from Treasure Planet and Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon. Here is a Timeline showing all of the orders of years shown in Treasure Planet History:


Millions of years before Treasure Planet: An Ancient Culture of Aliens constructed Treasure Planet, years later, the aliens that once inhabited Treasure Planet built their technology until they were extinct for unknown reasons. The core would be later filled with a massive load of treasure stored all across the universe in their core by Nathainel Flint millions of years later.

-205: Royal Navy of the Terran Empire is Established.
Legendary Captain Nathaniel Flint

The Notorious Pirate, Captain Nathaniel Flint during his raid on the Acturian Merchant Ship

-100: Nathaniel Flint gathers the Loot of a Thousand Worlds. Sometime after gathering treasure throughout the Universe, his last treasure hunt happened when Captain Nathaniel Flint and his crew invaded an Arcturian Merchant Ship by stealing their Arcturian Solar Crystals from their ship. Later during their final raid, They vanished without a trace to Treasure Planet for Nathaniel Flint to possibly dismiss his crew or live on Treasure Planet's Core.

Sometime After -100: Nathaniel Flint took his navigator B.E.N.'s Memory circuit so no one could find treasure planet when exploring and rigged Treasure Planet's Core into a booby trap so it would explode when anyone finds the core. He later died by staying in his ship throughout his lifetime on Treasure Planet's Core and held B.E.N.'s memory circuit until Jim Hawkins broke the late Nathaniel Flint's hand a hundred years later.

-70: Battle of Garn Archipelago, the first battle between the Procyon Expanse and Terran Empire.

-67: Rygan convinces the Procyon Brood Consul to invade the Terran Frontier, which marks the start of the First Terran-Procyon War.

-64: The Terran Empire begins to finally push back the Procyon Invaders. A truce called 'The Treaty of Gisane' is signed by both parties creating a buffer zone between the two starfaring nations, ending the First Terran-Procyon War.

-50: Possible date when "Long" John Silver was born.

-39: King Alexander III of the Terran Empire , during a time of unrest in the Procyon Expanse launches an invasion of Procyon territory ending the 25 year truce between the two political bodies and starting the Second Terran-Procyon War.

Around -35: Amelia, Captain of the RLS Legacy from Montressor Spaceport was born.

Around -16: Amelia graduated the Interstellar Academy along with Mr. Arrow, around this time, Amelia became a captain around the incredibly young age of 19, which was possibly a record to the Universe's History.

-16 or 15: Jim Hawkins was born on the Mining Planet of Montressor to Leland and Sarah Hawkins.

-12: Jim Hawkins first reads the story about treasure planet and the legend of Captain Nathaniel Flint from a Hologram Book along with his mother Sarah Hawkins.

Sometime After -12: Jim Hawkins plays with a spinning top according to Sarah's hologram pocket watch, sometime after this year, his father Leland leaves Benbow Inn for unknown reasons, maybe due to not staying with his family. Later Jim Hawkins wanted to keep a pet alien, but shortly after he wanted to keep one, it is possible that Sarah told him to not keep his pet or maybe did. Later Jim built his First Solar Surfer during this time.

-5: The Third Terran-Procyon War starts, which is an on again, off again state of war between the Terran Empire and Procyon Expanse over disputed ownership of the McCullough Etherium Current.

0: (Treasure Planet) Doppler Expedition to Treasure Planet. During this time, Jim Hawkins leads to a great discovery from Billy Bones that he finds Treasure Planet by it's Map. Later Dr. Delbert Doppler hires a crew and a captain from the RLS Legacy and after several days or months of travel, John Silver and the other crew on the RLS Legacy starts a mutiny sometime after their arrival on Treasure Planet.

Later, B.E.N., who meets Jim, later gets their Map back from the ship and after fighting with Scroop, John Silver and his crew then travels within a portal and finally has found the Loot of a Thousand Worlds. Later after the destruction of Treasure Planet, the Mutiny has ended as Amelia had arrested the crew.

Later, Jim, Amelia, and Dr. Delbert Doppler returned back to Crescentia and Later, Amelia told Jim Hawkins to join the interstellar Academy like she did and later became a cadet. The Benbow Inn was rebuilt after John Silver and his crew invaded and destroyed the original Benbow Inn. B.E.N. later decides to work as a cook at Benbow Inn and Dr. Delbert Doppler and Amelia's Children are born on the mining planet Montressor.

5: (Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon) The Procyon Council proposes a peace treaty to the Terran Empire that would effectively make all Etherium Currents neutral territory. Her Majesty, Queen Illysa II, is quite receptive, allowing a diplomatic fleet to enter Terran Territory for the Peace Treaty Signing. Unfortunately this offer was part of a Procyon Vengeance plan in retribution of Alexander the Mad King's breach of the 25 year truce, 44 years ago.

Unknown years: Billy Bones became Captain Flint's cabin boy, later his first mate and later the last natural survivor of Captain Flint's Crew . John Silver rescued his pet Morph from Proteus I before or after he was "chasing a dream". Later, John Silver lost his half side of his body by "chasing a dream", Later Leland Hawkins married Sarah when he was 19 years old.

Trivia Edit

  • On, it shows a timeline of all the Disney movies, but treasure planet has been claimed in a theory that they Treasure Planet is set in last order of the timeline to be set in the year 10 Quintillion CE. Treasure Planet actually being set to this year is left unclaimed. The true year for treasure planet being set is unknown, possible 365th century.
  • There is some possible hints that treasure planet may be set in the far future in an alternative universe.
  • Usually a visor on a robot would not shapeshift. But B.E.N. shows that he is a model of a robot that is at least 100 years old (at least a century). Somehow his eyes are able to shapeshift meaning he is an advanced robot but an old model styled in 19th century and 1920s. It is due to the fact that B.E.N. may have been built by aliens who use advanced technology in a form similar to old technology, or maybe was built around an older time period when machinery was old but still advanced.
  • It is possible that Treasure Planet may be set in the far future where Humans and Aliens have achieved the Tier level of travelling all across the universe which wouldn't happen for millions or billions of years in the future. except that the technology that is mostly being used is very strange and barely unlikely. It is due to the fact that some space travelers have traveled to countless planets that human or alien travelers have been used to lower tier level technology borrowed from aliens or possibly modified their advanced technology back to the technology their ancestors had or possibly is set in a post-apocalyptic far future where advanced technology was all lost and kept history from what's left from the last advanced century starting with the 19th or 17th centuries.
  • Crescentia is possibly originally a crescent-shaped planet that had grass everywhere, making the planet why it had oxygen. And Possibly many years later, after the first colonists arrived to what would later be Crescentia is maybe why Crescentia somehow has got oxygen in the first place. Or maybe the ones who colonized on the planet used advanced world-building technology of some form, but it is unknown how Crescentia became a crescent-shaped breathable planet in the first place.
  • Advanced teleporters have already been invented as early as millions of years ago on Treasure Planet, possibly showing that teleporters have already been invented before the time of Treasure Planet. It is possible that around this time, humans or current time period aliens didn't have the advanced technology to use teleporters like the aliens did on treasure planet. Even though there is advanced technology around this time, somehow there has been no hint that teleporters or even any faster transport ever being invented during the time of treasure planet besides Aliens on treasure planet.
  • 1920s-50s and 19th or 17th-Century Technology is mixed with technology only seen in the far future, the reason why is because the creators of treasure planet followed the 70/30 Rule. Meaning that they kept the universe 70% traditional and 30% Sci-fi, making it the reason why Treasure Planet may be set in the very far future but at the same time set around the 19th or 17th centuries.
  • According to Disney Wiki, Amelia is said to be at least 35 years old, and became a captain at an incredible age at 19, making why "Around -16" and "Around -35" is in the timeline. Also on Treasure Planet, it has clearly shown in the prologue before treasure planet that Jim Hawkins he was 3 years old and as the main story being set 12 years years later, it clearly shows him being 16 years old.
  • Before the prologue in Treasure Planet ended, it has clearly revealed that Treasure Planet is set 12 years after Jim first read the story about Captain Nathaniel Flint.
  • Even though Treasure Planet mentions a little story about John Silver's History, he has mentioned that he had became a cyborg when he was "chasing a dream" and also revealing that he went to Proteus I and rescued morph. It is unclear when one of the time periods are set. Possibly being set 35 or at least 12 years before Treasure Planet's main story being set.
  • according to one source, John Silver had said to be 50 years old as of the time of Treasure Planet, but since Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon, he is 55 years old.
  • According to The Treasure Planet Art Book, Leland Hawkins has been mentioned that he was 19 years old when he married Sarah Hawkins. When they were married is unknown as Leland has been shown in Treasure Planet that he is a lot older than Sarah or is close to Sarah's age as of Sometime after -12.
  • About Earth, Earth exists in that universe, but was unknown.