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Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon is a sequel game created by Disney Interactive. It takes place after the events in the film, and follows Jim Hawkins as he advances in the ranks of the Royal Navy. The game features single player skirmish, and multiplayer battles.

Campaign ModeEdit

The Campaign mode follows Jim Hawkins' Naval Career after graduating from the Port Ivy Naval Academy.

Mission 1Edit

Main Article: Mission 1

In the first mission, the player has to follow a training session with Admiral Amelia in order to become a true Navy officer. In this first mission, Jim Hawkins sails a Torpedo Boat with Mr. Onyx as quartermaster. Learning the basics of the game, the player will execute some tasks : training with ally ships in a mock fight, docking on a Naval Tender, destroying asteroids... In the end, the fleet receives a distress call from a tender, the RLS Providence, that is attacked by Pirates. Destroying the enemy ship ends the mission. It is the first real fight of the campaign.

Mission 2Edit

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This time, you must track down a pirate who seems to have some kind of 'trick up his sleeve' that allows him to consistently evade capture.

Mission 3Edit

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After being crippled by a solar storm, you have to hide from the pirates lurking around, while waiting for your ship to repair in order to make a run for Crescentia.

Mission 4Edit

Main Article: Mission 4

Vice Admiral Nelson's fleet was scattered by the same solar storm. You volunteer to do a search and rescue operation, and find all of the missing ships, ensuring their safe arrival at the rally point.

Mission 5Edit

Main Article: Mission 5

You are tasked with patrolling the home sector, and dealing with domestic issues while most the others are out dealing with the Ironclad Raiders.

Mission 6Edit

Main Article: Mission 6

Civilian ships have been reported having disappeared in a mostly unexplored zone known as the broken territories. You have been assigned to search for any possible survivors.

Mission 7Edit

Main Article Mission 7

You must transport medical supplies to a town that suffered form a natural disaster.

Mission 8Edit

Main Article Mission 8

Curious about the mysterious ship you found earlier, you go back to see if you can find out what it is.

Mission 9Edit

Main Article Mission 9

After they got away into the nebula, you acquire some more considerable firepower, and go after their home.

Mission 10Edit

Main Article Mission 10

You must escort four Merchantmen ships, protecting them from numerous pirates in the area.

Mission 11 Edit

Main Article Mission 11

You go after the mysterious pirate ship you found earlier, to see if your suspicions are true, and if so, why.

Mission 12 Edit

Main Article Mission 12

After learning the truth, you must protect Parliament from the imminent danger.

Historical SkirmishesEdit

Historical Skirmishes is a combat focused mode that uses a consistent set of ships for each map. While the player cannot customise their ships in this mode, they can play as any side.

The AmbushEdit

Main Article: The Ambush

The RLS Mercy was carrying much needed supplies to Shipyard Mason and, more importantly, the Royal Navy payroll - a fortune in gold doubloons. Unfortunately for the sailors waiting for their pay, the dreaded Pirate Goldtooth got wind of the shipment and waylaid the Tender and its escorts.

Bayle's StandEdit

Main Article: Bayle's Stand

During the War of Retribution, the Procyon Navy sent a deep strike force to destroy the crucial Imperial Naval Base Montgomery. Only Commander Bayle and his training squadron stood in their way.

Iron WarEdit

Main Article: Iron War

A mysterious Iron Raider attacked frontier outpost Gorshin and then escaped into the Etherium. The 350th Pursuit Flotilla shadowed the iron monster until a Frigate Squadron sent from Galdrin was able to intercept. Unfortunately all the Royal Navy ships were destroyed and the raider escaped.


Main Article: Locusts

During the Great War, Captain Frakes, an infamous pirate leader, took up a privateer contract against the Procyons and proved to be a thorn in their side for years. His greatest victory was destroying Duke Fenras' Command fleet while it was limping back into Proc territory for repairs. Frakes used a wave of small, fast ships to overwhelm the beleaguered Procs and capture the Duke for ransom.

Storm FrontEdit

Main Article: Storm Front

The notorious Captain Black and his ships tried to evade capture by dodging around the worst solar storm in a decade, Some of them made it, others were not so lucky.

The MawEdit

Main Article: The Maw

When deep deposits of gold were found amongst an asteroid belt on the frontier... It was only a matter of time before the Empire, the Procyons AND the pirates all arrived to claim it.

Open SkirmishesEdit

Open Skirmishes is a combat focused mode that features variable fleets on each map. This mode allows the player to customise their fleet, as well as the number of players in the Skirmish. There are two types of Open Skirmishes, Limited Open Skirmishes and Fully Open Skirmishes. Limited Open Skirmishes allow the player to customise their fleet, and the number of players in the Skirmish, but always use the same factions for specific players, where as Fully Open Skirmishes allow the player to also customise what faction each player belongs too, and who they are allied with, if anyone.

Border DisputeEdit

Main Article: Border Dispute (Limited)

For years the Procyon Consulate have resented the presence of a Royal Navy outpost so close to their territory. The Brood Consul have decided that now is the time to do something about it. For the Royal Navy, the incursion is a chance to turn the tables on the Procs in this region once and for all.

Convoy RaidEdit

Main Article: Convoy Raid (Limited)

Pirates have set up a secret base along an important trade route. They strike from hiding, capturing or destroying as much shipping as possible before Navy help can arrive. This time it is the Royal Navy's job to make sure those vessels get through no matter what.

The Diablo StraitEdit

Main Article: The Diablo Strait (Full)

This dangerous volcanic region is split by the Stygian Etherium Current. Battling fleets can use the current to their advantage, but have to be careful not to be blasted to smithereens by volcanic rocks.

Dragon's NestEdit

Main Article: Dragon's Nest (Full)

This blighted area of space as been a battlefield for hundreds of years. Shelter can be found amongst the outlying atolls but dragons are rumoured to nest on the central rocky island - dragons with a taste for unwary ships.


Main Article: Mousetrap (Limited)

After a number of privateer raids, the Procyon Navy finally tracked down a secret pirate base deep in the Procyon Expanse. While the Procyons have the pirates outgunned, the pirates have a heavily armed base at their backs.

Red RoverEdit

Main Article: Red Rover (Limited)

In an attempt to roust the Royal Navy from the Far Reach Territory, the pirate clans built up an attack base within striking distance of the Imperial Outpost Osterman. They hoped that the storm season would cover them until they were ready to strike, but no such luck.

Shadow DanceEdit

Main Article: Shadow Dance (Full)

This battlefield rings the massive Celeste Nebula where many a ship has disappeared forever. There is an advantage in hiding along its edges to strike an unsuspecting enemy, but should you go too deep you will join the wrecks from ages past, forever.

The Zemyatin AnomalyEdit

Main Article: The Zemyatin Anomaly (Full)

Keep a sharp eye out! Battle here is fast, immediate and furious. But beware the dangerous Etherium tides of the Zemyatin Black Hole. A single wrong turn could cost you your ship.

System RequirementsEdit

Windows 98/Me/XP

  • Pentium II class processor (or equivalent); 450 MHz or faster
  • 64MB RAM or greater (128MB for Windows XP)
  • 750MB free hard drive space
  • CD-ROM drive required for installation
  • 16-bit DirectX 8.1-compatible sound card
  • 16MB video card with 3D acceleration, 16-bit colour depth, DirectX 8.1-compatible
  • DirectX 8.1 (Included)
  • 56Kbps or faster internet connection (Required for multiplayer internet play)

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