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Robots (also known as Metalmen) are mechanical beings which can do extraordinary varieties of roles and features within society. They also can do many features and tasks including Holding a Ladder, navigating a ship, cooking, and many more. Here is a list of robots of different units and models that appears in the Treasure Planet Universe:


B.E.N - by justsomepainter11

B.E.N., a notable robot model of this unit, who was once the navigator to Captain Nathaniel Flint, later a navigator when leaving the RLS Legacy and later a cook.

Bio-Electronic Navigators (BENs) are robots designed for engineering, spotting, and navigation duties aboard ships. They are a centuries-old model that can be found among Imperial, Procyon, and pirate fleets. One Notable member of this Robot unit who is the Eponymously named B.E.N. as his name is shown in Treasure Planet was a Navigator to Captain Nathaniel Flint and notable Robot of this model. When B.E.N.'s memory circuit was taken away, these units would not work very well as they will give less details to speaking and will also malfunction to where they would say random words.

It has also been revealed that B.E.N. units seem to be pretty advanced despite being built in an 18th, 19th or early 20th century style of this model. These kinds of Robots can shapeshift their eyes somehow to indicate emotion which is almost impossible to be built on a visor on a robot. they also have 2-bit Pixelated eyes with one eye being un-lit to indicate where they are seeing at. This robots can have yellow eyes, green eyes, or even blue if their memory circuit has returned to their head. B.E.N. has been shown to talk in a clear voice unlike the other Robots shown in the Treasure Planet Universe. At the end of Treasure Planet, one B.E.N. unit of the same name later became a cook for the Benbow Inn after it was reopened.

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Battle Utilized Bots (BUBs) are Imperial robots used primarily for gunnery and combat. Though like the B.E.N. series, they can also serve as Engineers.

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XLRs are combat robots built exclusively by the Procyons. With some models being equipped with built-in flamethrowers.

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Little is known about these robots that were cut from Battle at Procyon. However their designation as "rigtechs" hints that they would have been used as riggers.

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Robo-Constables or "Cop-bots" are, as their name suggests, law enforcement units, equipped with Conveyer-belt Treads for fast pursuit. They are also known as police-bots. Most of this robots of this model somehow has been built with Quick-reflexes, a automatic lifting hat, and a blue cardiograph mouth similar to that of machines used in hospitals.
TP - Robot Cops

Non-Designated Edit

Little is known about these robots, though one makes a quick appearence in Crescentia, giving Jim Hawkins directions to the ship. As a result their functions or names are unknown. One member of this robot model named 81 first and only appeared when he was giving directions to where the RLS Legacy.


  • In Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon, Robots are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • In Treasure Planet, there has been one Non-Designated Robot model who appeared in Montressor Spaceport before Jim Hawkins and Dr. Delbert Doppler find the RLS Legacy. This Robot named 81 according to one source is actually an Easter Egg to one of the creators of Treasure Planet Ron Clements in a form of a Robot named 81.
    • He is the first easter egg character to appear on screen, the second being a red ape-like alien who was holding the ladder for the Non-Designated Robot who is actually another creator of Treasure Planet named John Muskers, who also appeared in a form of an alien.
  • Robo-Constables somehow have been built to have fast features. As in the beginning of Treasure Planet, these Robots have been shown that they use conveyer-belt like treads similar to a tank that somehow allows them to chase anyone quickly with their transport. They also have been shown to have quick-reflexes as they were able to catch Jim Hawkins easily without leaving.
    • Robo-Constables have also been shown that they can automatically lift their hats without lifting it with their hands.
    • It is unknown if the Robo-Constables are built to be designed to enforce laws in the Terran Empire if they are even built for city purposes like the mining planet Montressor.


Treasure Planet Battle at Procyon Robot Crew Voice Lines

Treasure Planet Battle at Procyon Robot Crew Voice Lines

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