Rachel Crickett
Titles: Captain
Ships: RLS Swiftsure (Captain)
RLS Comet, RLS Endurance, RLS Superior, RLS Summerside, RLS Lightning, RLS St. Roch, RLS Victory, Captured ships (Possible crew member)
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Associates: Admiral J. Nelson, Royal Naval Personnel, Royal Marines
Jim Hawkins (Possible)
Goals: Rendezvous with Admiral J. Nelson's fleet.
Fate: Failed to rendezvous with Admiral J. Nelson's fleet. Possibly killed if later hired as a crew member for a ship that sinks.
Quote(s): 'Thank Neptune someone found us! The storm destroyed our compass, and blew us into the nebula. I thought we'd be lost forever.'
Voice: Rosalyn Landor

Rachel Crickett is the captain of the RLS Swiftsure, a Cutter within Admiral J. Nelson's fleet. Rachel Crickett only appears in Mission 4, where she is the captain of the RLS Swiftsure, one of the ships that needs rescuing.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Rachel Crickett appears in Mission 4 as the captain of the RLS Swiftsure, which was being transferred to the frontier to fight the Ironclads, along with the rest of the ships in Admiral J. Nelson's fleet. However, before the RLS Swiftsure could reach the McCullough Current, which would have taken it to the frontier, a solar storm blew RLS Swiftsure into The Crow Nebula with out a compass. Crickett mistakenly lead the RLS Swiftsure deeper and deeper into the nebula until she was utterly lost in her navigations. Realising that anymore travel could disable her ship, Rachel cut all engines, and held out until Jim Hawkins arrived to show her the way out of The Crow Nebula. After being rescued, Rachel Crickett was unable to reach the frontier in time, as the surge of the McCullough Current was ending. Rachel Crickett becomes available for hire as a crew member in Mission 7.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Gunnery: 5

Leadership: 1

Navigation: 4

Engineering: 1

Rigging: 1

Spotting: 6

Combat: 6