RLS Lightning
Model: Fast Frigate
Crew: Jim Hawkins (Captain), Mr. Onyx (First Officer), Average

The RLS Lightning is the lead vessel of Her Majesty's 32nd Strike Flotilla. It and the other two ships of the Flotilla (the Vanguard and Sovereign) reported to Port Ivy before conducting training exercises with the graduation fleet. Upon completion of the exercises the 32nd Strike Flotilla headed off to Crescentia at high speed, thus being too far away to assist the RLS Providence when pirates attacked her.

Some time afterword, the vessel was tied up at Outpost Regina for maintenance when the base received word that the nearby town of Dorlinor had been hit by an asteroid. Being the only craft capable of carrying enough supplies in time, the ship was loaned to Jim Hawkins to deliver said supplies through the Calyan Abyss. After spending the night at Dorlinor and defending the town from Pirate attack, the ship engaged the ironclad destroyer, Scout, on its way back to Regina. After returning to base, the ship was most likely sent back to Port Ivy. Leaving Jim and the RLS St. Roch to continue the hunt for the Ironclads.