RLS Legacy
RLS Legacy
Model: Galleon built from an obsolete Discovery Class Frigate's hull [2]
Armaments: 4 Medium LaserBall Cannons, 1 Light Point-Defence Lancer
Crew for the Doppler Expedition: Amelia (Captain), Mr. Arrow (First Officer), Onus (Spotter), Turnbuckle (Helmsman), Dr. Delbert Doppler (Financier), Hands (Rigger), Scroop (Rigger), Snuf (Deckhand), John Silver (Cook), Jim Hawkins (Cabin Boy)

The RLS Legacy is the solar galleon[1] that carries Doppler's Expedition to Treasure Planet.


  • Dr. Doppler states that he will "charter a ship, hire a captain, and a crew." It is made quite clear by Amelia that he hired the crew. However as he does not recognise the captain at first, and since the Legacy flies the Royal Navy Jack of the Terran Empire, one can speculate that the Doctor secured sponsorship from the Terran government, who then appointed a captain for the expedition.


  • The RLS in the ships name is a refernce to Robert Louis Stevenson, thus the ship is a homage to his legacy, as too is the film itself.
  • For Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon the RLS was given a new meaning; Royal Light Ship, and denotes membership in the Royal Navy of the Terran Empire.
  • The Heavy Scout class of Royal Light Ships available for use in the skirmish mode of Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon, resembles the RLS Legacy.


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