This article is about the Warsloop. For the Tug of the same name, see RLS Endurance (Tug).

RLS Endurance
Model: Warsloop
Crew: Jim Hawkins (Captian), Mr. Onyx (First Officer)
Fate: Varies, possibly sank after Mission 4.

RLS Endurance is a Warsloop mastered by Lieutenant Hawkins. RLS Endurance replaced the Torpedo Boat, RLS Comet as Hawkins' command ship in Mission 3.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 3Edit

The RLS Endurance was issued to Jim Hawkins as his new ship, because of this, and the fact his previous ship, RLS Comet would still be under his command, Hawkins now commanded a Patrol Squadron. The Pirates captured during Mission 2 were transferred to the RLS Endurance as prisoners to be delivered to the Royal Courts in Crescentia. Hawkins ordered a course to be set for Crescentia, however Mr. Onyx warned that there might be a solar storm nearby. On the way to Crescentia, RLS Endurance was caught in the solar storm and was swept away to a nearby asteroid belt. The solar storm heavily damaged RLS Endurance and RLS Comet's sails and engines, with Endurance's sails being reduced to 20% power, and its engines reduced to 15% power. Mr. Onyx suspected that there were Pirates in the area, and suggested that the RLS Endurance hides in the nearby asteroid belt until the engines and sails are repaired. Mr. Onyx's suspicions were confirmed when the Pirate Sloop, Exile was spotted nearby, Exile seemed to have spotted RLS Endurance, and turned around and went back where it came from. Hawkins, believing Exile went to inform other Pirates of RLS Endurance's location, ordered his crew to hide the RLS Endurance in the asteroid belt. Whilst hiding, Mr. Onyx noticed several Pirate ships searching for them in the asteroid belt, and stated that they are going to need to repair the engines if they are to escape. Eventually, two Sloops, Exile and Salty Jack, found RLS Endurance's hiding place, and attacked the Patrol Squadron, hoping they would drive them into the main Pirate force. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Onyx noticed the large Pirate ship getting dangerously close, Morph then stated that the the large Pirate ship is Argentum, John Silver's ship. By this point the engines had been repaired fully, and the RLS Endurance began its escape towards Port Ivy. On the way, two Pirate vessels, the Schooner, Wylie and the Sloop, Rock Lobster intercepted the Endurance's escape route, and attempted to slow them down so that the main Pirate fleet could catch them. However, Hawkins' Patrol Squadron managed to escape from the Pirates, and then delivered their prisoners to Port Ivy.

Mission 4Edit

RLS Endurance set a course for the McCullough Current, so that it could go to the frontier to fight the Ironclads, however when the RLS Endurance arrived at the McCullough Current, Lieutenant Hawkins noticed Admiral J. Nelson's Ship of the Line, RLS Dauntless was not up-current with the rest of the fleet. Admiral Nelson explained that his fleet was hit by a solar storm, and was scattered around the nearby area, and that he stayed behind to find the missing ships. Jim Hawkins said that the surge of the McCullough Current was about to end, and that if they don't enter it now they will never reach the frontier in time to fight the Ironclads. Mr. Onyx pointed out that their scanning map made them especially qualified to search for the missing ships, and convinced Jim Hawkins to stay and try to find the missing ships. Hawkins informed Admiral Nelson that he try to find the missing ships, and suggested Admiral Nelson's remaining fleet move into the current. Admiral Nelson then promoted Hawkins to Captain, and left a Tender and Frigate behind as a rally point. From this point there are five objectives available, the order they are done in depends on the players actions. The first objective involved assisting the Cutter, RLS Manchester, which was towing the Frigate RLS Redoubt, out of an asteroid belt, escape from the asteroid belt safely. The second objective involved towing the Man of War, RLS Indomitable and the Tender, RLS St. Christopher, out of the Vanov Black Hole. The third objective involved assisting the Cutter, RLS Swiftsure, escape from The Crow Nebula. The fourth objective involved towing the beached Warsloop, RLS Yorkshire of off the island, Crow Isle. The fifth objective involved rescuing the Tender, RLS Bachanalia, from the Pirate Assault Cutter, Dark Night, which was towing the RLS Bachanalia to a nearby Pirate base in The Calyan Frontier. After the Dark Night was either sunk or captured, RLS Endurance towed RLS Bachanalia to the rally point, whilst a few Pirate Sloops attacked, attempting to recapture the RLS Bachanalia. By the time all missing vessels were rescued, the McCullough Current's surge had ended, preventing Hawkins Patrol Squadron, and all of the rescued ships from being able to go to the frontier.

Mission 5Edit

RLS Endurance sailed to Waystation Grant so that Jim Hawkins could officially receive his promotion to Captain. When Hawkins arrived he was assigned the Cutter, RLS Superior as his new command ship. RLS Endurance remains in Hawkins fleet under his command. From this point onwards the RLS Endurance may sink.

Mission 7Edit

RLS Endurance, along with the rest of the ships in Jim Hawkins' fleet, are temporarily docked at Outpost Regina, while Hawkins uses the Fast Frigate, RLS Lightning for his mission. The RLS Endurance and the other ships remain at Outpost Regina for the duration of Missions 7 and 8.

Mission 9Edit

RLS Endurance, provided it did not sink earlier, is returned to Hawkins' fleet when he is issued the Frigate, RLS St. Roch as his new command ship.