Flag Procyon 00

Government: Aristocratic Republic

  • Brood Consul
  • Procyon Council
Capital: Laar

Not much is known about the Procyon Expanse. The Expanse is all territory claimed by the Procyons. It is rife with tribal conflicts. These conflicts have made the Procyon people highly adept to warfare.

The Procyon Conflict with the Terran EmpireEdit

Being the two largest political bodies in this spiral arm of the galaxy, perhaps it was inevitable that the Procyon Expanse and the Terran Empire would come into conflict. The Battle of the Garn Archipelago happened 75 years ago, only a few short months after the first contact between Procyon Frontier guards and Terran Explorer vessels. The Battle came about when tribal leader Rygan ambushed and destroyed Her Majesty's Colonization Fleet as it tried to settle the Garn Archipelago. Three years later, Rygan used the political fallout from his success to push the Procyons into a full on invasion of the "weak" Terran frontier. Initially the brutal assault by the tribes that gathered to his Banner met with great success, but three years later the campaign ground to a halt and began to be pushed back with great losses on both sides. Sadly, independent worlds caught in the middle of the conflict did not escape unharmed.

The Treaty of Gisane finally ended the war by establishing a neutral territory between the combatants. Both sides were forbidden to exert any political or military influence within the buffer zone. This truce lasted for 25 years until young King Alexander III decided to take advantage of a period of severe unrest in the Procyon Expanse and send a Retribution Fleet around the neutral territories to pillage vulnerable Procyon islands in the name of reparations for the Great War. Called the "Mad King" by some, Alexander led the fleet personally and almost succeeded in pillaging the Procyon home world itself before being defeated. His saner sister, Queen Catherine IV, replaced him.

The on-again, off-again state of war that has plagued both empires for the past ten years began over a dispute of ownership concerning the McCullough Etherium Current (named the "Breath of Ratec" by the Procyons). The current begins in Terran territory, but winds throughout the Procyon Expanse. An invaluable high-speed trade and communication route, both sides have blockaded and restricted its use when it suited them. The current Terran Queen, Illysa II, has stated publicly that while she abhors the war, "The McCullough Current is far too important to all civilisations to be restricted for use by any single power."

Recently, the greater industrial strength and organisation of the Terran's Empire has slowly pushed back the outnumbered but technologically superior Procyon fleets. As if sensing the inevitable, the Procyon Council approached the Terran Parliament with an offer of peace that would secure all Etherium currents as neutral territory. Queen Illysa was quite receptive to this offer. The fact that a peace conference has successfully produced a draft treaty for the consideration of both governments only affirms this.


The Expanse is headed by the Brood Consul who is appointed by the Procyon Council. The titles of Duke and Lord are mentioned occasionally suggesting a government reminiscent of Venice, and other Italian City-States.

The Procyon StarRunnersEdit

Procyon Expanse Rectangular Flag

Procyon Expanse Flag

Procyon StarRunners evolved from the Trimaran-style ice ships that race across the great frozen seas of the Procyon homeworld, Laar. Procyon ships are built for speed, and manoeuvrability. Their triple hulls, and array of triangular solar sails make them very distinctive while their low silhouettes make them difficult targets to hit in the heat of battle.

Procyon warships always mount heavy weapons in the bow of the ship, as they believe in making devastating rushes at an enemy, and then turning away for a light broadside while they reload their forward guns. When massed Procyon ships perform this manoeuvre, it is known as the "Procyon Wheel", and is often the last thing an unfortunate captain sees before abandoning ship.

Weapons of the Procyon NavyEdit

Light: Light Laser Cannon Icon Light Carronade Icon (destroyed) Plasma Cannon Icon Light Lancer Icon Gatling Gun Icon Harpoon Gun Icon
Medium: Medium Laser Cannon Icon Medium Carronade Icon (destroyed) Plasma Cannon Icon Medium Lancer Icon Energy Net Icon Grav Charge Icon
Heavy: Heavy Laser Cannon Icon Heavy Carronade Icon (destroyed) Plasma Cannon Icon Heavy Lancer Icon Arcturian Fire Icon Star Mortar Icon
Special: Torpedo Icon Mine Icon Nova Mortar Icon

Types of Procyon StarRunnersEdit

Procyon Gunboat Icon Gunboat
Procyon Sloop Icon Sloop
Procyon Cutter Icon Cutter
Procyon Tender Icon Tender
Procyon Frigate Icon Frigate
Procyon Minelayer Icon Minelayer
Procyon Man-o-War Icon Man-o-War
Ice Fist Icon Ice Fist

Known Procyon Navy BasesEdit

Flags of the Procyon ExpanseEdit