In a daring raid on the Mason Naval Shipyard, Pirates stole several of the Navy's new Assault Cutters. Now rumoured to be in production at secret bases, the Pirate version of the Assault Cutter is slightly faster with a larger number of light gun mounts.


The Assault Cutter possess a terrifyingly high amount of close range damage per second with its massive numbers of Light Carronades, which it can reliably hit with by crippling enemy mobility with Energy Nets and Harpoons. It is also very fast and can get into close range very easily to tear the enemy up. It isn't as tough as most the other pirate ships though, and is a bit of a glass cannon. The Harpoons are well positioned for boarding with its large crew, and that should be easy with the Energy Net to keep them next to you.



  • Huge damage per second.
  • Large crew with well positioned harpoons.
  • Fast and manoeuvrable.
  • Many ways to cripple enemy mobility.


  • Low HP.
  • Short range due to possessing almost exclusively light guns.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 68 VP

  • Minimum Cost: 21 VP

Mass: 6,000

Max Thrust: 16,000

Max Speed: 28 km/h

  • True Speed Value: 7.777778

Manoeuvrability: Good

  • Max Angular Acceleration: 2.436940

Crew Size: 14 (incorrectly says 15 in game)

  • 1 Captain
  • 1 First Mate
  • 1 Helmsman
  • 2 Riggers
  • 4 Fighters
  • 5 Gunners

Hull Strength: 1,320 HP

  • Core Strength: 150 HP

Firepower: Good (5 Banks)

Pirate Assault Cutter Layout

Energy Net Icon 1 Energy Net Launcher
Light Carronade Icon 8 Light Carronades
Harpoon Gun Icon 4 Harpoon Guns
Light Lancer Icon 1 Light Point-Defence Lancer

Battle StrategyEdit

As the name suggests, the best use for the Assault Cutter is to get in close, slow the enemy down with the Energy Net, grapple them with the Harpoons rendering them unable to move at all, then tear them up with a massive barrage of Carronades. Or you can just board them. try to stay away from the enemy's main firepower point, e.g. the broadside of the Navy Frigate, as this ship is very squishy for its size and will probably lose a layer in one volley. But providing you can avoid getting destroyed, they certainly won't be able to avoid it. You can also equip mass Lancers, which can mimic the effect of the Heavy Escort, but you will have even more. You can either destroy their sails then board them, or shoot at their hull, as the Lancers deal a surprisingly high amount of damage per second.


It may sound pretty blunt, but shoot it. If you target this ship, you will probably take out some of its weapon banks with limited effort. This is easier said than done, so if you want to more reliably avoid being torn to shreds by its arsenal of light guns, then stay at long range, and take out its sails so it can't get close to you.

Open Skirmish NamesEdit

  • Backstab
  • Happy Delivery
  • Kaiser Max
  • Exile
  • Gorgon
  • Gangster of Pain
  • Flaming Rose
  • De Drasse
  • Furious
  • Gift
  • Hudson Rex
  • Helena

Known ShipsEdit


  • Every single open skirmish name has been reused from other pirate vessels, more than likely due to time constraints.