PSR Diplomacy
Model: Procyon Man-o-War/Ice Fist
Crew: Evar (Man of War)
Fate: Sank or captured during the Battle at Parliament (Ice Fist).

PSR Diplomacy is the name of two different Procyon ships. In Mission 5, PSR Diplomacy is the name of a Man of War commandeered by Admiral Evar, where it is serving as the Procyon Diplomatic Fleet's flagship. In Mission 12, PSR Diplomacy the name of an Ice Fist that is used during the Battle at Parliament.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 5Edit

The Man of War, PSR Diplomacy was used as Admiral Evar's command ship for the Procyon Diplomatic Fleet, after their escort was seemingly destroyed by pirates, Jim Hawkins destroyed the pirate ships seemed to be preparing to attack the Procyon Diplomatic Fleet and prepared to pursue Silver, who's ship, Argentum, was spotted nearby the Procyon Diplomatic Fleet. However before Hawkins could pursue, Evar stopped him, saying that the Procyon Diplomatic Fleet required an escort to Waystation Grant, claiming the ceasefire prevented Procyon warships from being able to fire their weapons in the Terran Empire's territory. After Hawkins and his crew were invited onto the PSR Diplomacy, Mr. Onyx found evidence that the PSR Diplomacy's Star Mortar had been fired, contradicting Evar's statement that they did not fire their weapons at the pirates because of the ceasefire.

Mission 12Edit

The Ice Fist, PSR Diplomacy was used by the Procyons during the Battle at Parliament, this PSR Diplomacy was not commandeered by Evar, who was on the Wailing Wind during the battle. The PSR Diplomacy was one of the two Ice Fists used to bombard the Parliament directly, along with the PSR Conquest, and was also used in the Procyons' attempt to offload Marines to directly assault the Parliament in an attempt to capture the Terran Queen. The PSR Diplomacy may have sunk or been captured by Jim Hawkins during the battle, depending on the actions of the player.


  • PSR Diplomacy is a Man of War in Mission 5 and an Ice Fist in Mission 12, this could either be: a mistake, the same ship converted to an Ice Fist before the battle, or an entirely different ship with the same name.