Owen Ried
Owen Ried
Ships: SS Coventry (Captain)
RLS Comet, RLS Endurance, RLS Superior, RLS Summerside, RLS Lightning, RLS St. Roch, RLS Victory, Captured ships (Possible crew member)
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Personality: Paranoid
Associates: SS Coventry's crew, Jim Hawkins (Possible)
Goals: Transport goods to Crescentia.
Fate: Escorted to Norville, later joined the Royal Navy. Possibly killed if later hired as a crew member for a ship that sinks.
Quote(s): 'Thank goodness you're here! A pirate vessel full of cowards came out of nowhere and hit us hard.'
'You have the thanks of me and my crew, Captain Hawkins.'
Voice: Dee Bradley Baker

Owen Ried is the Captain of the Civilian Schooner, SS Coventry, which came under attack by Pirates while transporting goods to Crescentia.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Owen Ried was transporting goods to Crescentia when they came under attack from Captain Grange's Pirate Schooner, Ravage. Ravage fired its Cannons at the SS Coventry, disabling its engines with the first volley, immobilising the SS Coventry. It appeared to the crew of SS Coventry that they were about to be boarded by the Pirates, however they instead left at full speed. A few minutes later, Lieutenant Hawkins' Torpedo Boat, RLS Comet arrived. When Hawkins asked what happened, Owen Ried explained all of this. Hawkins inferred that the Pirates must have seen them coming, but didn't understand how. Ried said he didn't know either, but as the RLS Comet was there and the Ravage absent, Ried requested that Hawkins tow the SS Coventry to Norville, as it was unable to move. When the SS Coventry arrived at Norville, Owen Ried thanked Hawkins, mistakenly referring to him as a Captain, and informed him that another Schooner, SS Lady J, might have come under attack from the Ravage, as it was in the same area the Ravage retreated to. Lieutenant Hawkins promised to keep SS Lady J safe and then left Norville to go looking for the Pirates. Owen Ried joined the Royal Navy between the end of Mission 2 and the start of Mission 5, as he becomes available for hire as a crew member in Mission 5.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 5

Gunnery: 5

Leadership: 2

Navigation: 3

Engineering: 4

Rigging: 4

Spotting: 3

Combat: 5