This is the most powerful ship in the entire Navy. The Man-o-War possesses a broadside powerful enough to eradicate a sloop in one volley, and can take amazing punishment. Although these flagships are slow and awkward to manoeuvre, they are extremely heavily armed with weapons and boarding party fighters.


The Imperial Man of War is a Ship of the Line with massive broadside firepower and durability, but is slow and hard to manoeuvre. The Man of War has a tremendously powerful broadside, consisting of 4 heavy guns, 4 medium guns and 3 light guns. However, it has inferior chase guns to its Procyon Man-o-War counterpart. The Man of War is a very robust ship, with fairly few layers for a ship of its size. However, most of these layers are very durable. The lower number of layers makes the Man of War less susceptible to Mortars than the Pirate Galleon and Procyon Man of War.



  • Massive broadside firepower.
  • Extremely durable, especially on the sides.
  • Great point-defence.
  • Huge crew size.


  • Slow.
  • Hard to manoeuvre.
  • Huge target.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 250 VP

  • Minimum Cost: 88 VP

Mass: 40,000

Max Thrust: 30,000

Max Speed: 15 km/h

  • True Speed Value: 4.166667

Manoeuvrability: Average

  • Max Angular Acceleration: 0.493480

Crew Size: 34

  • 1 Captain
  • 1 First Mate
  • 1 Spotter
  • 1 Helmsman
  • 3 Engineers
  • 8 Riggers
  • 10 Fighters
  • 9 Gunners

Hull Strength: 4,940 HP

  • Core Strength: 500 HP

Firepower: Amazing (9 Banks)

Imperial Man-o-War Layout

Star Mortar Icon 1 Star Mortar
Gatling Gun Icon 2 Laser Gatling Guns
Heavy Laser Cannon Icon 8 Heavy LaserBall Cannons
Medium Laser Cannon Icon 8 Medium LaserBall Cannons (non-replaceable)
Harpoon Gun Icon 4 Harpoon Guns
Grav Charge Icon 2 Grav Charge Launchers
Light Lancer Icon 3 Light Point-Defence Lancers

Battle StrategyEdit

The Man of War is a versatile ship. The main source of its power is of course the massive broadsides you can deliver, which will smash any smaller ship, and tear apart even the larger ones very quickly. Try to keep your enemies on the broadside the best you can, and use the Grav Charges to help with this if possible. The Star Mortar can be useful for long range, providing you can hit it, if not an extra Cannon can be useful for more consistent damage, but generally an Arcturian Fire is more useful, which can blow away their sails very easily. The Gatling Guns are useful too, but Lancers can be more versatile if you want that, while still being useful against sails. Due to the Man of War's slow turning rate, using smaller, more manoeuvrable ships for support can be useful. As this will prevent enemies from being able to exploit the Man of War's lack of manoeuvrability.


If possible, avoid allowing the Man of War to bring its broadside guns to bear, as a full broadside from a Man of War is devastating to even the strongest of ships. Always try to stay behind or in front of it, and avoid the broadside. Since its very slow to turn, it is possible to keep the up most the time. Carronades are very effective against this massive ship, as well as Mortars. Torpedoes and Mines are less effective than usual against this ship, as it has a lot of point-defence.

Open Skirmish NamesEdit

  • RLS Majestic
  • RLS Indefatigable
  • RLS Victory
  • RLS Irresistible
  • RLS Admiral Pike
  • RLS Galaxy
  • RLS Hood
  • RLS Queen Catherine IV
  • RLS King Alexander III
  • RLS Formidable
  • RLS Renown
  • RLS Jupiter

Known ShipsEdit