Longbourne (or Macriki), a Pirate of the RLS Legacy who is a notable member of this species.

Macriki (Plural: Macriki) are an unusual looking alien race of Semi-humanoids with six limbs, a long body, eyes inside their mouth, and also that they look similar to an eel. One notable member of this species Longbourne (also known as Macriki) was a crewmate on the RLS Legacy and pirate who was in the mutiny with their new Captain John Silver.

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  • The Macriki are voiced by Corey Burton, who is also the same person who voiced Onus and also the rest of the Optoc species. He is also the voice of Count Dooku from Star Wars: The Clone Wars the TV Series [1].
    • Even though most of the Macriki is voiced by Corey Burton, One Macriki named Longbourne (also called Macriki) is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in Treasure Planet, who also voiced Most of the Clones in Star Wars: The Clone Wars [2] in the same show with Corey Burton and also had voiced most characters from TV shows during the 2000's decade.
  • Unknown alien 2

    Unnamed Three-Legged Alien found at Crescentia when the Ferry arrived at the Harbor.

    At the beginning of the Montressor Spaceport scene, before the Ferry has docked to a harbor at the spaceport, there is a Three-legged alien talking to a reptilian humanoid alien (possibly the odd alien from the concept arts) which looks similar to the Macriki shown mostly in treasure planet. It is unknown if this three-legged alien is possibly a cousin to the Macriki. It is unknown how this species has connections to this alien or if they are related.
  • Most of the Macriki usually opens up their mouth due to the fact that their eyes are placed at their tongue, they also stick their tongue out at someone to indicate that they are rude. Also that sticking their tongues out is a comedy reference. After Scroop was done talking to Mr. Arrow about fighting on the RLS Legacy to Jim Hawkins, Longbourne was barely seen sticking his tongue out to Mr. Arrow.
  • Like Crex (or Aquanoggin or Aquanog) who uses the name of his Species Aquanog as his nickname, Longbourne also uses his nickname named after his species Macriki (even though in Treasure Planet: Voyage of Discovery, his name is spelt "Mackriki").


"Aye, Aye, Sir!"

- Longbourne (known as Mackriki)
Treasure Planet Battle at Procyon Macriki Crew Voice Lines

Treasure Planet Battle at Procyon Macriki Crew Voice Lines

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