Longboats, also known as lifeboats, are small craft designed for evacuation, landing, and scouting operations. In Battle at Procyon, when most ships are destroyed, they will drop lifeboats which can be picked up, many times for Victory Points.


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Imperial longboats appear most notably in the movie Treasure Planet, in Mission 4 where several can be picked up, as well as in Mission 9, where Jim Hawkins uses a playable version to scout a ship graveyard in the Darkshire Nebula.


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The most notable appearance of the Civilian longboat is in Mission 10, where destroyed Merchantships will drop a cluster of 6 lifeboats.


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In line with most Pirate ships, the pirate longboat is simply a converted civilian longboat with a metal ram. This variant of longboat is the most common: being dropped from most pirate ships encountered in the campaign.


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Procyon lifeboats, while possibly intended to appear in Mission 12, were inevitably cut from the campaign. More than likely due to the Procs' preference to go down with their ships than face capture. Regardless, these lifeboats are fully functional and can be edited to appear in historical and campaign maps.

Battle at Procyon Statistics (Controllable Mission 9 variant)Edit

Point Cost: Unknown

Speed: 60 km\h

Manoeuvrability: Very Good

Hull Strength: 200

Firepower: Nonexistent (0 Banks)