Leland Hawkins avatar
Leland Hawkins (???)
Race: Human
Family: Sarah Hawkins, Jim Hawkins

Leland Hawkins is a minor character first mentioned in the film as Delbert, and Sarah, discuss the trouble Jim has been getting himself into. Leland  is most prevolent in the "I'm Still Here" scene in which we find out that Leland was a spacer who was often gone on long voyages, returning occasionally from time to time. Even then, he seemed to have little interest in spending time with his son. In spite of this Jim always seemed to look forward to his father’s return, and what ever time they may have spent together. Leland leaves his family early one morning aboard a fairyboat, Jim awakes to see his father halfway to the pier, and instantly realizes something is wrong. Upon seeing his weeping mother Jim chases after his father only to be moments late from the ship’s departure.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Leland is a tall sturdy man with dark brown hair that his held up in the back in a pony-tail like his hair he has a brown beard as well as deep brown eyes something that was not given to his son. He wears a black coat, tan pants and a red colored shirt.