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Laser Torpedoes
Torpedo Icon.png
Available To: Royal Navy Flag.jpg Procyon Expanse Rectangular Flag.png Ironclad Flag.png
Weapon Type: Special
Cost: 7 Victory Points
Wood: 50-70
Reinforced Wood: 40-60
Iron: 30-50
Cloth: 40-60
Stone: 40-60
Dragon: 0.5-0.5
Critical Chance:
Wood: 50%
Reinforced Wood: 35%
Iron: 20%
Cloth: 90%
Stone: 100%
Dragon: 50%
Wood: 2
Reinforced Wood: 2
Iron: 1
Cloth: 1
Stone: 1
Dragon: 0.5
Wood: 50%
Reinforced Wood: 30%
Iron: 20%
Cloth: 90%
Stone: 100%
Dragon: 50%
Effective: 200 metres
Long: 250 metres
Maximum: 300 metres
Velocity: 22
Effective: 0.174533
Long: 0.349066
Maximum: 0.523599
Fire Rate
Reload Time: 35 seconds
Burst Quantity: 1 shot
Burst Interval: N/A

The Laser Torpedo is a special weapon that can track targets and deal punishing burst damage.


Laser Torpedoes are a special weapon that has the unique ability to track targets, allowing them to reliably hit. The main advantage of them is that they deal massive burst damage reliably at long distances. This allows you to cripple small ships easily as they cannot dodge it easily. They also deal good damage to stronger materials such as iron, making them useful against Ironclads. However, they do have a couple of drawbacks. The first one is their long reload times, which prevents them from dealing good sustained damage. The second one is that they are countered by point defence, commonly found on more expensive ships, and therefore is usually less effective against them. However, overall a Laser Torpedo Tube is usually valued higher than a Heavy Mount, especially when a ship comes with many of them.


Laser Torpedoes have hit points and can be manually targeted. If a ship lack point-defence armaments, on-board Small Lancers can still be effective in striking them down.



  • High burst damage.
  • Very long range.
  • Tracks moving targets.


  • Slow reload.
  • Projectiles can be shot down via point defence or other Lancers.

Armed Ships[]


Torpedo Boat Icon.png Torpedo Boat
Heavy Scout Icon.png Heavy Scout


Procyon Frigate Icon.png Frigate
Procyon Man-o-War Icon.png Man-o-War
Ice Fist Icon.png Ice Fist


Submersible Icon.png Submersible
Destroyer Icon.png Destroyer


Imperial Weapon Barge Icon.png Development Weapon Barge


These big, slow missiles store power from the ship's sails, and then use it to power their own engines. Laser Torpedoes explode when they make contact with a ships hull, doing terrible damage. Nimble ships can often outmaneuver them, so get in close to ensure a succesful shot. As a Torpedo tracks the enemy target, it will detonate should a careless ally ship get in the way.


  • The Torpedo Tube is the only weapon with a reload time affected by gunners. Each point of gunnery reduces its reload time by one second.