Amelia Firing Weapon

Captain Amelia firing a Musket.

A Laser Musket is a crank powered energy weapon that fires a concentrated beam of energy at it's target. The crank can be turned constantly to insure a continual beam though this tends to decrease the potency of the weapon.

Muskets are the standard issue weapon for the Royal Marines, they are also used by sailors in general as well as Pirates and likely the Army. Muskets can be used to fire at enemy sailors while boarding, or if the ship were to line itself up with the enemy ship at close range.

Muskets can also be fitted with bayonets, for close quarters combat. The Bayonet effectively turns the Musket into a spear when it is used as a melee weapon. A Bayonet is a very valuable accessory for fighting at close range as close quarters combat is a frequent occurrence while boarding, due to the confined nature of ships. Alternatively, one can use a Cutlass paired with a Pistol for close quarters combat.

Unlike ballistic muskets, laser muskets don't seem to require reloading. However, it can be assumed they require energy and thus recharging occasionally. They fire what is the equivalent of semi-automatic, and seem to be perfectly accurate.


  • In real life, a Musket is a smoothbore, muzzle-loading long gun. Muskets were introduced in the early 16th century as a heavier version of the older Arquebus, due to the inability of the Arquebus to pierce the strongest plate armour of the time. Muskets remained the standard issue weapon of most militaries until the early 19th century, when they were supplanted and later replaced entirely by the substantially more accurate, Muzzle-Loading Rifles.
  • The Boarding Icon in Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon depicts a Musket, however it resembles a Flintlock Musket, instead of the Musket that appears in the Film.