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James Pleiades Hawkins
Titles: Cabin Boy (Film), Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, Commodore, Admiral (BaP)
Ships: RLS Legacy (Film), RLS Intrepid, RLS Comet, RLS Endurance, RLS Superior, RLS Lightning, RLS St. Roch, RLS Victory (BaP)
Race: Human

Treasure planet Disney movie: 15

Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon: 34

Dislikes: Betrayals, losing his father Alignment: Chaotic Good
Personality: caring, rebellious, extremely intelligent, charming, brave, selfless, immature (formerly), strong-willed, sympathetic, irritable, sullen (formerly), gifted, profound, lonely, clever, sometimes affectionate but more so aloof.

Physical Appearance: slender, medium height, pale skin, brown hair parted down the middle with a braided "rat tail" (former), blue eyes

Family: Jimmy’s Father (Leland Hawkins), Sarah Hawkins
Goals: Adventure
Quote(s): 'Look Mr Onyx! Orcus Galacticus, spotting them is supposed to bring good luck!'
Voice: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Film), Adam Paul (BaP)

James Pleiades Hawkins is the main protagonist of Treasure Planet, its canceled sequel, and Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon.


Jim Hawkins is an adventurous young man at 15 years old. He is the stereotypical 'bad boy' at the beginning of the film, consistently getting into trouble with the law and acting out against his mother. Jim doesn't take well to men due to his father leaving when he was young. Behind his rebellious act, Jim is caring, intelligent, and courageous. He regularly demonstrates his aptitude for all things nautical (having built his first solar surfer when he was eight). Furthermore, Jim is quick to come to the aid of friends, colleagues, and even strangers as revealed when he rescues Billy Bones and sympathizes with B.E.N.'s abandonment on Treasure Planet.

Battle at Procyon Statistics[]

Point Cost: 7

Gunnery: 7

Leadership: 7

Navigation: 7

Engineering: 2

Rigging: 3

Spotting: 3

Combat: 5


  • Jim wears a black jacket throughout the film to symbolize his guarded nature. The jacket is replaced by a simple beige shirt in the scenes where Jim experiences confidence in himself (i.e. working alongside Silver aboard the Legacy / at the end of the film), suggesting he no longer feels the need to hide who he is. Later when he has been accepted to the Interstellar Academy, he wears a white uniform (often evocative of purity, light, goodness, and beginnings) representing his transformation from self-doubt to self-reliance.