Jim Hawkins
James Pleiades Hawkins
Titles: Cabin Boy (Film), Ensign, Lieutenant, Captain, Commodore, Admiral (BaP)
Ships: RLS Legacy (Film), RLS Intrepid, RLS Comet, RLS Endurance, RLS Superior, RLS Lightning, RLS St. Roch, RLS Victory (BaP)
Race: Human
Age: 16 (Film), 21 (BaP)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Caring, Rebellious
Associates: Amelia, John Silver, Morph (Film and BaP), Dr. Delbert Doppler, B.E.N (Film), Mr. Onyx, Royal Naval Personnel, Royal Marines (BaP)
Family: Jim's Father (Leland Hawkins), Sarah Hawkins
Goals: Adventure
Fate: Jim enrolled in the Royal Naval Academy at Port Ivy where he would graduate, setting his carrier in motion to become an Admiral.
Quote(s): 'Look Mr Onyx! Orcus Galacticus, spotting them is supposed to bring good luck!'
Voice: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Film), Adam Paul (BaP)

James Pleiades Hawkins is the main protagonist of Treasure Planet and Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon.


Jim Hawkins is an adventurous young lad, he was the stereotypical bad boy at the beginning of the film who would constantly get in trouble with the law and would act out against his mom. Jim doesn't take authority well, especially with men due to his father leaving when he was young. Behind the 'bad boy' act, Jim is caring and smart with a great knowledge in mechanics having built his first solar surfer when he was just 8. He is also brave and ready to help when his friends are in danger.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 7

Gunnery: 7

Leadership: 7

Navigation: 7

Engineering: 2

Rigging: 3

Spotting: 3

Combat: 5


  • Jim wears a black jacket throughout the film. When Jim fell out of bed the jacket falls off. Jim left his jacket throughout the film only with his yellow shirt. Later when he is at the Interstellar Academy, he later wears a white uniform showing his sign of transformation from being rebellious to wearing black to showing his lighter side of character over time later wearing a white uniform.