Jeff Grets
Ships: SS Spirit of the West (Captain)
RLS Comet, RLS Endurance, RLS Superior, RLS Summerside, RLS Lightning, RLS St. Roch, RLS Victory, Captured ships (Possible crew member, non-canon)
Race: Arcturian
Alignment: Good
Associates: Jim Hawkins (Possible, non-canon)
Goals: Transport weapons to the frontier.
Fate: Killed when SS Spirit of the West exploded after Devastator rammed it.
Quote(s): 'The supplies must get through, and there are pirates everywhere these days.'
'We are being fired upon! You must protect us! These weapons must not fall into pirate hands!'
Voice: Jonny Rees

Jeff Grets is the Captain of SS Spirit of the West, the leading ship in the convoy of four Arcturian Merchant Ships assigned the takes of transporting weapons and ammunition to the frontier. Jeff Grets appears in Mission 10.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Jeff Grets was leading the convoy of Cargo Ships transporting weapons and ammunition to the frontier. Whilst transporting the equipment Jeff Grets spotted a squadron lead by the Frigate, RLS St. Roch. Jeff Grets then requested that he speak with the squadron's commander, Captain Jim Hawkins. Grets explained to Hawkins that his convoy were transporting weapons and ammunition to the frontier, and that Hawkins' squadron escort them to the nearest current as he suspected that there were Pirates in the area. Grets' suspicion turned out to be correct, as the convoy came under attack by two waves of Pirates. The first Pirate wave consisted of the Carrack, Plunder and the Fast Attack Boat, Dashing Rogue, the second wave consisted of two Barques, Dalgren and Deceiver, two Assault Cutters, Relentless and The Rake and the Schooner, Skrop. Both Pirate attacks were unsuccessful in raiding the convoy, as they were sunk or captured by Jim Hawkins' fleet. However, just before the convoy could reach the current, two Ironclads appeared and attacked the convoy. These Ironclads were the Destroyer, Hunter and the Dreadnought, Devastator. Hunter attacked Hawkins' fleet, whilst Devastator ignored them and went straight for Jeff Grets' convoy. The Hunter was sunk in the fight against Hawkins' fleet, however this bought Devastator enough time to catch up to the convoy, when the Devastator was in range, it fired its weapons at the SS Spirit of the West. The SS Spirit of the West, only being armed with Arcturian Fire Launchers, could not defend itself effectively against the Devastator, and due to the SS Spirit of the West's slow speed, the Devastator easily caught up to it and rammed it. The resulting collision detonated the ammunition stored on the SS Spirit of the West, completely destroying it and killing Jeff Grets in the process.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 5

Gunnery: N/A

Leadership: 3

Navigation: 4

Engineering: 5

Rigging: 6

Spotting: 3

Combat: N/A


  • Jeff Grets is available for hire as a crew member starting from Mission 5. Although, this is non-canon as it not only is Jeff Grets still available as a crew member after his death in Mission 10, but he can be hired before Mission 10 and can be present on both the SS Spirit of the West and one of Hawkins' ships during the Mission, therefore, his appearance as a crew member is non-canon.