This hull is another Cutter variant. It is designed to be even more effective than the standard Cutter at protecting larger, slower ships. With three point defence Lancers, and an array of small, fast weapons, the Heavy Escort is designed to take out the sails of the fast attack ships that can evade the fire from the Navy's heavy ships.


The Heavy Escort is a tough ship that has an inexplicably well armed stern. The six Light Lancers will shred anything apart very quickly, sails or hull. It also has very good point defence.



  • Massive rearward firepower.
  • Good point-defence.
  • Durable.


  • Mediocre broadside firepower.
  • Poor forward firepower.
  • The majority of its firepower is short ranged.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 62 VP

  • Minimum Cost: 11 VP

Mass: 4,000

Max Thrust: 12,000

Max Speed: 24 km/h

  • True Speed Value: 6.666667

Manoeuvrability: Good

  • Max Angular Acceleration: 1.973921

Crew Size: 14

  • 1 Captain
  • 1 First Mate
  • 1 Helmsman
  • 1 Engineer
  • 2 Riggers
  • 3 Fighters
  • 5 Gunners

Hull Strength: 1,562 HP

  • Core Strength: 250 HP

Firepower: Good (5 Banks)

Heavy Escort Layout

Energy Net Icon 1 Energy Net Launcher
Medium Laser Cannon Icon 4 Medium LaserBall Cannons
Light Lancer Icon 6 Light Lancers
Light Lancer Icon 3 Light Point-Defence Lancers

Battle StrategyEdit

The Heavy Escort is used in a unique way. Since it has six light guns in the back, which is by far its most powerful section, that is what you want to keep pointed at your enemies as much as possible. The default six Light Lancers are amazingly powerful. This is often underestimated as most the time you use the Light Lancer, it is used alone as a single weapons such as on the Torpedo Boat in campaign. However, when you have six of them, you can rip everything to shreds, whether it it sails or hull. The disadvantage is the low range, this makes you have to awkwardly stop moving while you face away from the enemy, or slowly let them chase you. However, the reliability of the Lancers hitting their target combined with their extremely low cooldown results in massive damage per second. The Energy Net at the front isn't really necessary, as you can just destroy their sails with the Lancers, but you probably won't fire this gun much anyway. If you decide to replace the Lancers with Cannons (ignoring the imbalanced refund), you will still do huge damage, similar to the Pirate Assault Cutter which is also a good option and synergies with the Energy Net more. The broadside guns do get used, but only offer slight burst damage.


Avoid chasing the Heavy Escort, but fire at the back of it with long ranged weapons. If you need to fight it at close range, circle around and stay in front of it if possible.

Open Skirmish NamesEdit

  • RLS Prince George
  • RLS Prince Rupert
  • RLS Ashcroft
  • RLS Vancouver
  • RLS Kitimat
  • RLS Kamloops
  • RLS Chilliwack
  • RLS Victoria
  • RLS Nanaimo
  • RLS Lytton
  • RLS Merrit
  • RLS Vernon

Known ShipsEdit