Harpoon Gun
Harpoon Gun Icon
Available To: Royal Navy Flag FlintPirateFlag Procyon Expanse Rectangular Flag Ironclad Flag
Weapon Type: Light
Cost: 4 Victory Points
Wood: 30-50 (2.6 DPS)/10-15 (0.8 DPS)*
Reinforced Wood: 20-40 (2 DPS)/8-12 (0.6 DPS)*
Iron: 40-60 (3.3 DPS)/5-6 (0.4 DPS)*
Cloth: 5-5 (0.3 DPS)/3-5 (0.3 DPS)*
Stone: 20-30/10-15*
Dragon: 50-80/10-20*
*When grappling
Critical Chance:
Wood: 55%/0%*
Reinforced Wood: 35%/0%*
Iron: 25%/0%*
Cloth: 0%/0%*
Stone: 100%/100%*
Dragon: 99%/50%*
*When grappling
Wood: 2/1*
Reinforced Wood: 1/1*
Iron: 1/1*
Cloth: 1/1*
Stone: 1/1*
Dragon: 0.5/0.5*
*When grappling
Wood: 50%/0%*
Reinforced Wood: 40%/0%*
Iron: 20%/0%*
Cloth: 0%/0%*
Stone: 100%/100%*
Dragon: 50%/50%*
*When grappling
Effective: 30 metres
Long: 45 metres
Maximum: 100 metres
Velocity: 45
Effective: 0.05236
Long: 0.08727
Maximum: 0.17453
Fire Rate
Reload Time: 15 seconds
Burst Quantity: 1 shot
Burst Interval: N/A

The Harpoon Gun is a light weapon with two firing modes. The first fires the Harpoon without the rope, which simply deals damage. The second fires it with the rope, which can grapple enemy ships. Grappling enemy ships is a prerequisite to boarding.




  • High burst damage.
  • Effective against heavy armour.
  • Allows boarding and capture of enemy ships.
  • Very unlikely to ricochet.


  • Low velocity.
  • Short range.
  • Very long reload.
  • Expensive compared to other light weapons.
  • Cannot be fired while grappling.
  • Very low DPS.

Armed ShipsEdit


Tug Icon Tug
Warsloop Icon Warsloop
Imperial Cutter Icon Cutter
Imperial Frigate Icon Frigate
Imperial Man-o-War Icon Man-o-War


Pirate Gunboat Icon Gunboat
Pirate Schooner Icon Schooner
Pirate Assault Cutter Icon Assault Cutter
Pirate Barque Icon Barque
Pirate Tender Icon Tender
Carrack Icon Carrack
Pirate Galleon Icon Galleon


Imperial Weapon Barge Icon Development Weapon Barge

Armed BasesEdit



The rocket-powered Harpoon is one of the oldest, and most effective weapons used among the space-faring races. It is fired into the side of an enemy ship, embedding itself in the hull, and explodes doing serious damage. Doubly useful, a Harpoon Gun can also fire a Harpoon with a cable attached. These Harpoons are used to grapple onto other ships during battle. Grappled ships can be prevented from sailing out of danger or can even be boarded!


  • The Harpoon Gun is the only weapon in the game that deals more damage against iron than against wood, however this is only true when it isn't used to grapple, if it is, then it does less damage against iron than wood.
  • For some reason, the Harpoon Gun deals extremely high damage to Dragons.