Titles: Admiral, Procyon Ambassador, Mr Ambassador, War Chief
Ships: PSR Diplomacy, Wailing Wind
Race: Procyon
Alignment: Evil
Personality: Diplomatic, Machiavellian, Ruthless
Associates: Procyon Navy Personnel, Procyon Marines
Goals: Assassinate the Terran Queen and win the Terran-Procyon War.
Fate: Killed in an explosion when Wailing Wind exploded after being rammed by Argentum.
Quote(s): 'Very much so, we are even more indebted to you. Surely no more cowardly raiders will threaten us while we are guarded by the force that defeated their brothers so utterly, and let me also say that we deeply regret the loss of your Royal Navy brethren, we will remember them in our battle prayers.'
'Hahaha! Your suspicions will do you little good now, Admiral Amelia. The trap is sprung and there is no one to help you and your precious Queen now!'
'Never Jim Hawkins! All our plans were brought to nothing by you and that pirate cyborg! Neither of you will survive to enjoy your victory!'
Voice: Patrick Pinney

Evar is a Procyon Admiral and diplomat, who is serving as the Procyon Expanse's ambassador in the peace negotiations of the Terran-Procyon War. Evar serves as the main antagonist in Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon. Evar's plan is to the pay the pirates to attack civilian ships, while also organising the Ironclad false flag operation to divert most of the Royal Navy to the frontier, leaving the Royal Parliament an easy target to destroy and the Queen easy to assassinate, hoping the destruction of the Parliament and the death of the Queen would cause the Terran Empire to surrender.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Evar first appears in Mission 5, where his fleet has seemingly come under attack by pirates lead by John Silver after their escort was destroyed. After Jim Hawkins destroys the pirate fleet and prepares to pursue Silver, Evar stops him, stating that the Procyon Diplomatic Fleet requires an escort to Waystation Grant, due to the Procyon Diplomatic Fleet being prohibited to fire their weapons within the Imperial territory. Evar thanked Hawkins for protecting them from the pirates and claims that the ceasefire prevented his fleet from being able to defend themselves from the pirates, although Hawkins does not believe this, as Mr. Onyx found evidence of PSR Diplomacy's Star Mortar being fired. Jim Hawkins also noted the strange silence of the Procyon Navy Personnel and Marines, speculating that they are not allowed to speak. At the end of Mission 7, Jim Hawkins informs Admiral Amelia of their meeting with Evar and the Procyon Diplomatic Fleet, Amelia accuses the Procyons of destroying their previous escort. Amelia explains that Evar is a Procyon Admiral that she had fought against several times during the Terran-Procyon War, and that he should not be trusted. After the discovery that the Ironclads are Procyon ships, that are being used to divert most of the Royal Navy away from the Parliament, to make it easy to assassinate the Queen, Jim Hawkins heads to the Royal Parliament to defend it. Evar's fleet arrives at the Parliament in Mission 12, however Hawkins, Amelia and Silver also arrive to defend it. After destroying most of the Procyon fleet Hawkins orders Evar to surrender. Evar realizes that he cannot win at this point, but still launches a last-ditch attack in an attempt to kill Hawkins by ramming his Dreadnought, Wailing Wind, into Hawkins' Ship of the Line, RLS Victory, however before he can ram into the RLS Victory, Silver rams his ship, Argentum, into Wailing Wind, causing it to explode (presumably Argentum hit the ammunition storage or the fuel tank), killing both Evar and Silver in the process.


Evar is a deceitful and ruthless individual, paying and equipping the pirates to attack Imperial civilian ships as and organizing the Ironclad attacks as false flag operations to divert the bulk of the Royal Navy to the frontier, while posing as an Ambassador, allowing him access to the Royal Parliament for his attempt to assassinate the Queen. Evar tries to cover up these actions and avoid suspicion with his insincere politeness and seeming helplessness. Evar also would rather die in a suicidal last-ditch attack just to make sure that Jim Hawkins dies than surrender.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 7

Gunnery: 5

Leadership: 6

Navigation: 7

Engineering: 5

Rigging: 7

Spotting: 4

Combat: 6


  • Evar is often mistaken for Boas: a skirmish crew member that uses a similar icon. His name is only revealed in the expandable crew log at the end of Mission 5 and in Mission 12, and in the game files.
  • Evar is very short, even for a Procyon (who are on average, shorter than humans), as the Procyon Marines guarding him appear to be nearly a foot taller than he is.
  • During Mission 12, it is difficult to tell which ship he is on, as he is implied to be on the PSR Stalker in the opening cutscene, aboard the PSR Diplomacy mid-mission, and later aboard the Wailing Wind in the end cutscene.