Jim Hawkins wielding a Cutlass.

A Cutlass is a short single-edged sword, with either a straight or (more commonly) slightly curved blade and a hilt featuring a solid cupped or basket shaped guard. Cutlasses are usually used for slashing and are similar to Sabres, except shorter, making them more useful in confined spaces such as on a ship. Cutlasses are commonly used by Naval Personnel, Marines and Pirates whilst boarding, or defending from boarders as they are effective at fighting in confined spaces that are commonly found on ships. Cutlasses are effective in confined areas due to their cutting capabilities and short length, which makes them easier to use in confined areas than longer swords such as: Sabres, Sideswords and Rapiers. Cutlasses, historically were often used as a backup weapon on ships while boarding as firearms of the time were slow to reload, as Treasure Planet resembles this time period, Cutlasses are common weapons.