Pirate ManOWar
Model: Unique Ship of the Line
Crew: John Silver (Captain), Green (Mission 3), Average (Mission 5), Average (Mission 11, False), Elite (Mission 11, Original), Elite (Mission 12)
Fate: Sank by RLS Victory (False Argentum).

Destroyed in an explosion after ramming Wailing Wind (Original Argentum).

The Argentum is John Silver's Flagship in Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon. It is a unique NPC vessel resembling a heavily modified Navy Man-o-War, or a different Ship of the Line class. The community would usually refer to it as the Pirate Man-o-War due to this, if not simply calling it Argentum. Throughout the game, there were two known ships of this class, the first being the copy used by Robot Silver to enact the Procyons' biddings, and the second being Silver's original ship. The false Argentum was destroyed by Silver and Jim Hawkins in Mission 11, while the original Argentum was obliterated when ramming the Wailing Wind in Mission 12.

Argentum is unusable in the default game, however it can be enabled via modifications. See Custom Ships to find out how.


Ignoring the abnormally low cost, this ship has insanely good firepower. In every single direction, it poses a huge threat, with its massive stern, bow and broadside firepower. It is also very fast for a Ship of the Line. It is a glass cannon though, with a very weak hull. And it has no good places for Harpoon, as well as a tiny crew size.



  • Massive firepower in every direction.
  • Fast.


  • Extremely small crew.
  • Extremely fragile considering size.
  • No point defence.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 60 VP

  • Minimum Cost: -62 VP

Mass: 50,000

Max Thrust: 65,000

Max Speed: 27 km/h

  • True Speed Value: 7.500000

Manoeuvrability: Average

  • Max Angular Acceleration: 0.737174

Crew Size: 8

  • 1 Captain
  • 7 Gunners

Hull Strength: 2,760 HP

  • Core Strength: 400 HP

Firepower: Amazing (7 Banks)

Pirate Man-o-War Layout

Heavy Lancer Icon 3 Heavy Lancers
Heavy Laser Cannon Icon 10 Heavy LaserBall Cannons
Medium Laser Cannon Icon 12 Medium LaserBall Cannons (non-replaceable)

Battle StrategyEdit

This ship has massive firepower but is extremely squishy and easy to hit despite being fast. Your best hope is destroying the enemies before they destroy you. Avoid Mines like the plague and pray your enemy doesn't have Torpedoes. Using other ships with good point-defence for support, such as the Tender, can compensate for this ship's lack of point-defence.


Torpedoes and Mines are very effective against this ship due to its lack of any point defence. Torpedoes are essentially a guaranteed hit, and will easily destroy this ship due to its lack of HP. Another blatant weakness it boarding. With only 8 crew members, it can be easily boarded with essentially any ship in the game. It may have devastating firepower, but that lasts only until its weapons are blown off.

Open Skirmish NamesEdit

  • The Ace Of Spades
  • Against All Odds
  • Argentum
  • The Callico Jack
  • Deception
  • Dirty Rat
  • Exile
  • Furious
  • Jack Of Clubs
  • Mace
  • Mini Mercenary
  • Nemesis


  • The name 'Argentum' is the Latin word for Silver.
  • In Mission 11, Argentum is called 'The Argentum' instead of 'Argentum', which is the name used in every other mission this ship appears in.
  • If one were to enable Argentum via modifications at its default price and replace all its selectable weapons with Light LaserBall Cannons, it would refund 122 victory points, as the ship only costs 60, this would grant the player 62 points for using this ship. This makes Argentum extremely overpowered at its default cost. If one wishes to enable Argentum, it is advisable to increase the cost to prevent this from happening.
  • Unlike other unusable ships, Argentum has its own menu, ship and weapon layout icons.
  • The Open Skirmish name, 'The Callico Jack', is misspelt, as the Pirate the ship was named after's name is actually spelt 'Calico Jack'.