Arcturian Fire
Arcturian Fire Icon
Available To: Royal Navy Flag FlintPirateFlag Procyon Expanse Rectangular Flag
Weapon Type: Heavy
Cost: 8 Victory Points
Wood: 15-25 (1.8 DPS)
Reinforced Wood: 8-12 (0.9 DPS)
Iron: 0
Cloth: 50-60 (5 DPS)
Stone: 0
Dragon: 5-20 (1.1 DPS)
Critical Chance:
Wood: 0%
Reinforced Wood: 0%
Iron: 0%
Cloth: 50%
Stone: 100%
Dragon: 50%
Wood: 4
Reinforced Wood: 3
Iron: 1
Cloth: 5
Stone: 1
Dragon: 0
Wood: 99%
Reinforced Wood: 70%
Iron: 10%
Cloth: 100%
Stone: 100%
Dragon: 0%
Effective: 75 metres
Long: 150 metres
Maximum: 200 metres
Velocity: 45
Effective: 0.017453
Long: 0.034907
Maximum: 0.069813
Fire Rate
Reload Time: 11 seconds
Burst Quantity: 1 shot
Burst Interval: N/A

Arcturian Fire is a heavy weapon that is used to set enemy ships on fire and destroy sails.


The Arcturian Fire is an inexpensive heavy weapon that has a very high chance of causing fires, of which are very potent. Additionally, this weapon deal huge impact damage to sails, as well as burning them severely, making them the strongest heavy weapon option for removing sails. Against wood, they lack much burst damage, but still cause potent fires and are still useful, although this is secondary to sail removal. Against tougher materials however, especially iron, they become far less effective. It is best to have only a few on your ship if you want to be able to destroy sails, which may be useful as a counter to faster ships and by equipping these you will greatly extend your ability to destroy them. However, against hulls, although not useless, conventional weaponry will be more effective.



  • Massive burst damage to sails.
  • Very high chance to set very powerful fires.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Faster reload than other heavy weapons.
  • Unlikely to ricochet.


  • Very low impact damage to anything except sails.
  • Virtually useless against iron armour.

Armed ShipsEdit


Pirate Barque Icon Barque


Procyon Man-o-War Icon Man-o-War


CivMerchantIcon Merchantman


Imperial Weapon Barge Icon Development Weapon Barge

Armed BasesEdit



These catapults lob flaming spheres of unstable plasma at enemy ships doing terrible damage to cloth sails, and starting fires on wooden ships. Arcturian Fire is considered a very primative weapon, but it can be very effective against large, slow moving ships with many sails. Of course, if you load up on these, and then encounter an Ironclad you could be in serious trouble.