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Aquanoggin, a Crewmate and secretly a pirate on the RLS Legacy was a Notable member of his species.

Aquanoggin (or known as Aquanog for short) are an alien race of humanoid Angler Fish with short legs, two toes, and Sharp toenails. They also have two slightly bulky arms with four fingers each. they also have tyrannosaur-like heads with Semi-reptilian aquatic features as their name "Aquanog" says. Aquanoggin, a crewmate of the RLS Legacy who was secretly a pirate for "Long" John Silver was a notable member of his species.

Notable Aquanogs[]

Crew Icons[]



  • Generic Aquanogs are voiced by Arthur Burghardt.
    • Even though most Aquanogs are voiced by Arthur Burghardt, Crex (Known as Aquanoggin or Aquanog) who was seen several times in Treasure Planet was voiced by Patrick Pinney.
  • Even though his species seems to have glowing antennas like angler fish do, In Treasure Planet, crex has never shown his antenna at the top of his head ever glowing in the dark.
    • It is possible that the aquanogs from Alzrand seems to have dark time hours on their island more than day time hours due to the fact that they are mostly set in the Etherium in space. It is possible that Aquanogs mostly use their glowing Antennas only at night time at Alzrand as a tradition to their culture.
  • The Name Aquanog is short for Aquanoggin, meaning "fish-head" or "Water head".
  • Like Longbourne, who uses the name of his species Macriki as his nickname, Crex also uses his nickname named after his species Aquanog or Aquanoggin.
  • The name of the mayor Krell is a possible reference to an ancient extinct alien race which was mentioned in the film the Forbidden Planet [1].
  • It is possible that the Aquanogs look similar to that of the yokai Gotaimen, as they both have heads with arms and legs except that the Aquanogs are more aquatic aliens while the yokai Gotaimen was more human-like



Treasure Planet Battle at Procyon Aquanog Crew Voice Lines



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