Titles: Captain, Admiral (BaP)
Ships: RLS Legacy, RLS Lyonesse (BaP)
Race: Felinid
Alignment: Good
Personality: Reserved, Resourceful, Proper
Associates: Mr. Arrow

Dr. Delbert Doppler (Husband)

Matey Doppler (Daughter)

Jib Doppler (Daughter)

Tillie Doppler (Daughter)

Sunny Doppler (Son)

Goals: Command her ship in as orderly, and effective a manner as possible.
Fate: Continued to serve in the Royal Navy.
Quote(s): "I'm Captain Amelia, late of a few run-ins with the Procyon Armada. Nasty business, but I won't bore you with my scars."
"Zip your howling screamer."
"Hello! Can you hear me?"
Voice: Emma Thompson (Film), Susanne Blakeslee (BaP)

Captain Amelia is a former Terran Royal Navy officer who captains the RLS Legacy on the voyage to Treasure Planet. Though she carries the title of captain, it is stated in the Treasure Planet Artbook (Voyage of Discovery) that she resigned, along with her First Mate Mr. Arrow, due to the navy being to bureaucratic. (Upon resignation she stated, "they were big on protocol, I was big on results). This suggests the middle aged woman is more free-spirited than possibly portrayed in the Treasure Planet film.

The FilmEdit

In the film, Captain Amelia is introduced after Delbert Doppler mistakes Mr. Arrow for the captain. She jumps from the rigging and swings down to Delbert Doppler, Jim Hawkins, and Mr. Arrow. From there, she embarrasses Delbert and introduces herself, saying she's had some nasty run ins with the Procyon Armada, but that she won't "bore you with my scars". After this, Delbert almost slips up and reveals the possession of the map to Treasure Planet to the crew, and Amelia takes him to her stateroom.

Here, there is more banter between the two that is often taken as Amelia's introverted attempt at flirting, but more often is taken as her simply having fun making the bookish Delbert frustrated. She takes the map from Jim and locks it in a cabinet that contains firearms, stating the map will remain "under lock and key when not in use" and then pockets the key. She then pokes more fun at Delbert and tells Mr. Arrow to escort him and Jim Hawkins to the galley, saying that Jim Hawkins will work for the cook, Mr. Silver (Long John Silver).

We then see Amelia again when she is up on the bridge with Mr. Arrow. She takes a deep breath and then smiles at Mr. Arrow, saying, "well, my friend, ready to raise this creaking tub?" Rather amusedly. Mr. Arrow smiles back and follows orders before Amelia looks forward. Next scene, Amelia advises Delbert to "brace himself" before launch. He sarcastically imitates her before he is slammed into the wall due to not correctly following her directions, making his suit break.

The next shot of Amelia is when she is observing Delbert marvel at some Space Orca from the bridge. When he takes out a camera to snap a picture of the monstrous beasts, she raises her hand and starts to warn him, but is too late, as Delbert becomes coated in Orca whale goo (which may or may not be whale mucus). This causes Amelia to release a very rare chuckle before turning to the voice of Long John Silver, who begins flirting with the unimpressed feline who, at that moment, looked like she'd rather be swallowing lead. When Silver says, "why lookitchu', as trim n' as bonny as a sloop wit' new sales n' a fresh coat o' paint." She quickly retorts with, "keep your flim-flammery for your spaceport floozies, Silver." Ending his flirting. When Silver tries to apologise, Amelia quickly draws his attention to Jim Hawkins, who is "footling about" in the shrouds.

After this, Amelia isn't seen again until the Supernova scene, where she is seen close up, running up the stairs to the top deck looking ready for action, shouting, "take evasive action, Mr. Turnbuckle!" She begins shouting out orders to the crew and soon, demonstrating her amazing strength, takes over the steering of the Legacy when Mr. Turnbuckle is thrown from the wheel. She then orders Jim Hawkins to "secure the lifelines good and tight". She faces the Supernova with great courage and keeps collected and clear headed. With the help of Delbert Doppler, she figures that, in order to survive the supernova, they need to ride one of the waves out of the black hole, which causes her to give the order that the sails be lowered (so they may charge the engines enough to blast them out of the black hole). This is done, and they escape the Supernova presumably unscathed. After this, the crew cheers Amelia, who walks and checks things out with her sextant as Delbert expresses how amazing he thought her navigating, which she interrupts with, "oh, pish posh. Actually, Doctor, your astronomical advice was most helpful." Which is the first time we see Amelia stating something truly good about Delbert, besides an earlier statement of "brilliant" when he finds the waves of the Supernova are not erratic.

Amelia is next seen walking down the steps to the lower deck and calling out for Mr. Arrow. She then furrows her brow when he doesn't respond and calls out again, only to have Scroop, the currently unknown antagonist of the film, approaches saying that Mr. Arrow was lost, handing her Mr. Arrow's hat while looking at Jim and saying, "his life line was not secured." Amelia does her best to conceal rather obvious inner turmoil while looking to Jim Hawkins with an accusing face. The young man tries desperately to prove that Scroop is lying, but Mr. Arrow's lifeline is found to be gone. Amelia faces the group and gives the following speech in an emotionally filled voice:

"Mr. Arrow was a...fine spacer. Finer than most of us could...ever hope to be. But he knew the risks, as do us all. Return to your posts, we carry on."

They then show her back as she walks up the stairs. The next scene that we see Amelia is when they are escaping the ship after Jim reveals the information about the mutiny organised by Silver. She is loading a gun and saying, "pirates on my ship?! I'll see they all hang!" Expressing her utter hatred for pirates. She tosses a gun to Delbert, asking if he knows how to use one. He starts to stammer and almost shoots her in the head. It can be concluded that Delbert is rather incapable of operating a firearm. When Silver and his renegades begin trying to break in, Amelia smartly blasts a hole in the floor with her laser rifle, which she, Jim Hawkins, Delbert Doppler, and Morph escape through. They go to the Longboat bay, where Amelia pushes down a switch to open the bay and lower the boat. Then, while Jim goes after Morph for the map, flips into the boat with a cat yowl and cocks her gun. For some reason, she gives Delbert a gun again as the pirates burst in. They begin firing back and forth, Amelia declaring, "chew on this you puss-filled boils!" Because this statement isn't disgusting at all. After this, Delbert shoots down some round device from the ceiling, breaking through the floor and sending four pirates to their deaths through the bay. Amelia looks impressed and asks, "did you actually aim for that?" To which Delbert says, seeming surprised with himself, "you know, actually, I did?!"

After this, Silver flips the switch to close the bay, drawing a curse from Amelia. She then quickly decides the way to go is to shoot out the cables that hold up the Longboat, instructing Delbert to "shoot out the forward cable" while she handles the other. After this action is taken, Jim jumps into the ship, nearly falling out until he is pulled in by Delbert while Amelia sets up the ship and drives it. As they drive above Treasure Planet, they are shot by a plasma ball from a cannon on the ship. Delbert and Jim are out of the way enough, but Amelia is blasted, presumably getting either burned by the plasma ball or wounded by shrapnel from the ship (and quiet badly). She conceals her pain as she attempts to keep the Longboat from crashing, plowing through a mushroom like plant (tree, possibly) and then crash-landing on Treasure Planet. After a pause, Amelia emerges, standing slowly, snorting slightly at Delbert's statement of, "I never want to have that much fun again." She looks rather beat up, the true extent of her injuries not visible because this is a Disney movie.

She says it wasn't one of her more gossamer landings before falling forward with a moan of pain, being caught and steadied by Delbert. She then pushes them away and fixes her hair while saying, "cup of tea and I'll be right as rain". After this, she tells Jim and Delbert to get down while pirates come by. After they have passed, she explains they need a more defensible position while bracing herself with her rifle. She then sends Jim out with a gun to find this position before falling again, only to be caught by Delbert, who says, "lets take a look at that" as Jim leaves. From here, it is assumed Delbert patches her up to the best of his ability.

Amelia is then seen being carried into Ben's hideout bridal style by Delbert with her arm in a sling (which looks to be a white handkerchief, making it popular in fan-fiction to have it be Delbert's handkerchief that he gives up for her arm). She is shown to be ill and delusional, but still insists on keeping her captainly stance and stubbornness, repeatedly sitting up to give orders, only laying back down when Delbert makes her, showing some sort of development in their relationship. On one of her attempts to give orders and the like, Delbert says, "now, now, stop giving orders for a few milliseconds, and lie still." While pushing her down. She then grins at him delusional and says, "very forceful, Doctor. Go on, say something else." After this, Ben stupidly alerts Silver and his pirates to their whereabouts, causing a short bout of gunfire. Silver then asks for Jim to come down and talk to him, making Amelia call him a "doubtless, pestilential-" before she both gives up talking and is put down by Delbert, giving him a look that can only be described as a, "really, bro?" face.

Jim does go down and talk to Silver, resulting only in anger when he refuses to work with him. After this, Amelia attempts to give orders once more, but is too ill and tired to finish her sentence before flopping back on a makeshift pillow. After Delbert manically tries to get her to continue, she looks at him with a "out of it" smile and says, "Doctor? You have the most...beautiful eyes!" rather dreamily before passing out.

We next see her tied up with Delbert by Silver and his pirates, who lied in wait for Jim to come back from the Legacy, where he went to get the map after finding out Morph pretended to be the one he took to the planet with him earlier. When Silver threatens to kill Amelia and Delbert if Jim doesn't open the map, Amelia immediately begins shaking her head no to stop him, while Delbert first nods, but then follows her lead (another possible progress in their relationship). After some quick thinking Jim opens the map, but closes it when Silver says for him to be tied up with Amelia and Delbert, saying if he takes the map, he's taking him to. Silver then decides to bring Delbert and Amelia, who are shown to be bound but not gagged and sitting in the ship, Amelia looking downhearted and nervous. They land and are left to be watched by Meltdown, a fat pirate with horns. They wait as the others go to find the treasure. When a rumble shakes the planet, Amelia looks down. Delbert then says, "all my life I've been dreaming of an adventure like this...I just wish I could have been...more helpful to you." Amelia then says otherwise, saying he's, "been very helpful, truly." With a meaningful tone. Delbert exclaims that he feels useless, throwing his hands up and putting his face in them, which is when he discovers his abnormally thin wrists allow him to break free of the bindings. After this, he begins taunting Meltdown, which enrages the brute, who comes over and grabs Delbert by the collar. Delbert then takes a gun and points it to Meltdown's chest, asking if it is his jokingly. Now whether this gun was taken from Meltdown or from Amelia (this is assumed by myself because the look on her face might suggest he was touching her backside in an attempt to grab her gun.

This is only a small probability, seeing as they were more than likely disarmed). After this, Amelia is next seen without her arm in a sling and holding her side, directing Delbert how to pilot the Legacy as they come to Jim's rescue with all the pirates locked up in the crews quarters. They then drive away, Silver trying to again flirt with Amelia, to which she retorts, "save your clap trap for the judge, Silver." She then goes back to giving directions as mayhem continues when it's discovered they don't have enough engine power to get out of the planet's exploding rang in time. This is when Jim says they need to turn it around and use the portal to escape. He continues to explain while crafting a makeshift solar surfer. Delbert begins to stammer out objections before Amelia interrupts and instructs him to do as Jim says. Jim then leaves on the solar surfer and Delbert turns the ship around. Delbert at the rudder needs some time adjusting, while Amelia, who is leaning up against the mast, screams, "NO NO NO, TO YOUR RIGHT, YOUR RIGHT!" Making Delbert snap back, "I KNOW, I KNOW, WILL YOU JUST LET ME DRIVE?!" Before turning back with a determined face to continue driving while Amelia sits, stunned, and becomes silent.

After they go through the portal, successfully not dying. Amelia seems to have miraculously heal as she and Delbert share a tight, happy hug. Once realising what they're doing, both stop and then pull back a bit, sharing a knowing smile with hands on each other's hips. She's then shown talking to Jim in her normal captainly stance, looking completely (and illogically) unharmed. She expresses her belief he would do well in the Interstellar Academy, and then is shown letting Delbert put his arm around her shoulders as the camera focuses on Jim. She is then seen shortly, taking a picture in front of the new Benbow Inn and then clapping. She's then showed in the inn at a party with Delbert. It is revealed they have four children who look to be only a few months old (though they could be older or younger since they are an alien race). 3 girls are Felinid like Amelia and being held and coddled by Delbert, and then Amelia holds the only boy and Canid (Delbert's species). She's shown pulling back the blanket covering the boy's head, smiling, and then kissing his cheek. Amelia's last scene is when she and Delbert are shown romantically dancing before the end credits.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Since the movie, Amelia has been promoted to a high ranking Admiral (this information suggests that, since she officially doesn't work for the navy anymore, she has some sort of contract with them, possibly went back, or just the ignorance of the game developers). She acts as your teacher as you perform the skills needed to graduate from Interstellar Naval Academy five years after the events of Treasure Planet (making Jim-who you play as- somewhere between 20-23, depending on whether he started school when arriving from the Treasure Planet voyage, or if he started it after the party at the Benbow). She leads you through, shows you the ropes and the like. If you shoot at the Space Orca's that pass you by at one point during the level, she will harshly scold you and order you to continue with the planned practice. Throughout the game, you have some sort of contact with Amelia, but it is often short after the first level. At one point, during one of the segments that are supposed to be Jim writing in his journal, a hilarious picture of Amelia throwing tea at him is shown after he tells her about the Procyon Ambassador, whom she recognises to be a War Chief she's exchanged fire with on numerous occasions. After this, you don't really see Amelia until the end, when, during the final battle, you're given a scare when her ship is destroyed. It is revealed later that Amelia escaped unharmed on a lifeboat, and is nothing but pissed off because the rescue crew didn't arrive fast enough for her taste.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 9

Gunnery: N/A

Leadership: 10

Navigation: 5

Engineering: 3

Rigging: 8

Spotting: 8

Combat: 7


  • Captain Amelia is 35 according to Disney.
  • Captain Amelia became captain fifteen years before the Treasure Planet voyage, at an age considered amazingly young.
  • Captain Amelia's hair changes colour from orange to black in an alternate scene in Treasure Planet. In the original film her hair is orange.
  • It is revealed in Disney's 365 Bedtime Stories (Page 292) that Doppler and Amelia's four children, appearing at the end of the movie, are named Matey, Jib, Tillie and Sunny.
  • Admiral Amelia is the only crew member to have a level 10 skill in Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon.

Fanfiction HeadcanonsEdit

  • Whenever Amelia is pregnant in some fan-fictions, some people like to make blueberries as one of her cravings.
  • In a deleted scene, Dr. Doppler is seen comforting Amelia after Arrow's death. Some fans choose to write this scene as Amelia being upset and Doppler being a shoulder for her to cry on.
  • Some fans like to portray Amelia as being fond of earl grey tea in their fan-fictions.