Alamein is an Imperial Settlement that lies East of Waystation Grant, and West of Alzrand.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Mission 5Edit

During Hawkins' command of the RLS Superior he made a stop at Alamein to deliver supplies. While en route he discovered that a fleet of fishing vessels were blockading the port. The ships left towards Alzrand at which point Hawkins docked at Alamein where he was informed by the Alameinian Mayor, Crib Zibbinz, that in recent weeks the Alzrandian fishing fleet has been blockading their port and raiding the traditional fishing grounds of the Alameinians. Jim decides to settle the matter, and get to the bottom of the dispute taking with him the Alameinian Mayor to visit the Mayor of Alzrand in order to hold negotiations. While en route the Alzrandian fishing fleet attempted to block Jim's patrol squadron from docking at which point Jim gave them fair warning. Wunston, who was in command of the fleet then withdrew allowing Jim to dock. He met the Alzrandian Mayor, Krell, and discovered that the Alzrandian fishing grounds have been occupied by Pirates. Attempts to negotiate use of the Alameinian fishing grounds had failed resulting in the Alzrandian taking aggressive action to secure a supply of Moonfish. The issue is settled by Jim who states that until the pirates have been handled both fleets will share common fishing grounds. This deal is reluctantly agreed on by both parties.


  • The island Alamein is built atop of is identical to the pirate camp that appears in Mission 11 and Camp Strongbox in Mousetrap.