Admiral J. Nelson
Admiral J. Nelson
Titles: Vice Admiral
Ships: RLS Dauntless
Race: Arcturian
Alignment: Good
Associates: Penfold Tangent, Rachel Crickett, Turnik, Spinel, Royal Naval Personnel, Royal Marines
Goals: Find the missing ships from his fleet and go to the Frontier to fight the Ironclads.
Fate: Transferred to the Frontier.
Quote(s): 'Ahoy! This is Vice Admiral Nelson. We were hit by a solar storm! It blew half the fleet off the Etherium current.'
'I know lad. But what choice do I have? I will not leave my crews lost and in danger.'
'Very well, Captain Hawkins. Consider this a field promotion!'
Voice: Jonny Rees

Vice-Admiral Jeff Nelson is a Royal Navy Vice Admiral. Admiral J. Nelson is the leader of a fleet that were transferred to the Frontier to fight the Ironclads. Admiral J. Nelson appears in Mission 4 of Battle at Procyon's Campaign.

Battle at ProcyonEdit

Admiral J. Nelson and his fleet were in the process of being transferred to the Frontier to fight the Ironclads, however before they could reach the McCullough Current that would have taken them to the Frontier, Nelson's fleet was hit by a solar storm, scattering them around the nearby area. Admiral J. Nelson decided to stay behind and try to find the missing ships, instead of going to the Frontier, despite the fact that the McCullough Current's surge was about to end. Lieutenant Hawkins found Nelson's ship, RLS Dauntless just outside of the McCullough Current and asked why he was not up-current with the rest of the fleet. When Nelson explained to Hawkins the situation, Hawkins (with the persuasion of Mr. Onyx) agreed to search for Admiral Nelson's missing ships. Admiral J. Nelson then promoted Hawkins to Captain and moved into the current with most of his remaining fleet, leaving behind the Tender, RLS Nightingale and the Frigate, RLS Defiance, as a rally point for the missing ships to be sent if they were found. Although Nelson's missing ships were later found by Captain Hawkins, the McCullough Current's surge had ended by then and they failed to rendezvous with the rest of Admiral J. Nelson's fleet.

Battle at Procyon StatisticsEdit

Point Cost: 8

Gunnery: N/A

Leadership: 9

Navigation: 7

Engineering: 5

Rigging: 5

Spotting: 3

Combat: N/A


  • Admiral J. Nelson is named after Admiral Horatio Nelson, a Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.
  • Whilst Admiral J. Nelson's first name is not revealed, it can be inferred that his first name is Jeff, as his first name is abbreviated to 'J', and Jeff is by far the most common name amongst Arcturians.
  • Admiral J. Nelson uses a different portrait in the Skirmishes than he does in the Campaign.
Admiral J. Nelson 2

Admiral J. Nelson's portrait in the Skirmishes.